Don’t be fooled by the somber look of the Gothic facade of the Abbey of Saints Flora and Lucille because inside it’s full of colors. It began in 1278 as a Benedictine church and was modified several times until the final and large scale reconstructing efforts commissioned by Giorgio Vasari in 1565. As soon as you enter the church, you’ll be captivated by the monumental altar area of the Vasari family chapel. 

In the shadows there is always the scent of incense. The inside of this church maintains a peaceful silence and takes you far away from the noise of the city life that flows just outside of its doors. When you visit the church you can request an unforgettable visit with Father Vezio who, for over forty years, has been guarding over the souls and masterpieces of this church. He, together with Sacristan Maria, are always ready with stories and anecdotes and they can guide you on a step by step journey through the history of Arezzo that is found in this Basilica’s three naves. You can get a private look and admire the Yellow Vasari of the Pala Albergotti and the magical illusion of the fake Baroque dome by Andrea Dal Pozzo. You can discover hidden masterpieces, such as the fresco of Saint Lawrence by Bartolomeo della Gatta.

Abbey of Saints Flora and Lucille