Abbey of Saint Bartholomew in Anghiari


The Abbey of Anghiari, dedicated to Saint Bartholomew, is documented for the first time in 1105 and was originally a rupestrian temple whose suggestive asymmetrical interior has been preserved.

When the Camaldolese monks inherited the fortified castle of Anghiari, the small church was incorporated in the Monastery of Saint Bartholomew and represented the first place of worship inside the city walls.

The church has a facade without decoration and an interior with a single nave with irregular vaults. Noteworthy is the chapel on the left wall, a valuable artwork by the sculptor Desiderio da Settignano, which hosts the beautiful polychrome wooden sculpture depicting the Madonna and Child by Tino da Camaino. The high altar, in Baroque style, frames a wooden Crucifix dating back to the end of the 13th century, object of popular devotion which for centuries has been carried in procession on the day dedicated to the Holy Cross.


Abbey of Saint Bartholomew in Anghiari

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