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Watercolour en plein air

Laura, through a journey into the wonderful world of art history, will tell you the secrets of the fascinating watercolor technique. A plein air experience, discovering the most suggestive corners of Arezzo, thanks to which you can draw your first watercolor.


Watercolour painting has a longstanding and illustrious history, but it was during the Renaissance that this technique became extremely important. Famous artists started to use watercolours in preparatory studies for their major works, in particular for big frescos. Thanks to this fantastic journey through the world of art history, you will appreciate not only the works of the great masters of the Italian Renaissance, but you will also be able to create your own watercolour paintings.


Weather permitting, Laura will organize a beautiful outdoor experience and will accompany you to the discovery of the most suggestive corners of Arezzo. In the event of bad weather, the experience will be carried out at Vasari Cafè located under the Logge Vasari in Piazza Grande. In case of bad weather the experience will be carried out directly at Laura’s Atelier or in the holiday farm where you are residing.
What’s funnier than painting en plein air with watercolours while sipping a spritz?
Laura Ghezzi is a cultural heritage restorer and art teacher. Specialized in applied art teaching, it offers courses for both children and adults.

Services included

• Everything you need to paint a watercolour and a new box of watercolours
• Spritz or something else to drink

Services not included

• anything not specified under the heading “Services included”


Duration: ca 3h
Participants: min 2, max 6 people
• upon request, you can enjoy a 5-star lunch at Essenza “Dario e Anna 1964” in Piazza Grande.
• in case of bad weather, the experience will take place at their atelier in Via della Bicchieraia, in the heart of Arezzo, or at your accommodation facility.
• the experience will take place upon confirmation within 24 hours of purchase.


Fondazione Arezzo Intour






from Sunday to Friday except Saturday


Piazza Grande, Vasari Café