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Canoeing in the Ponte Buriano Nature Reserve

In Leonardo’s footsteps: starting from Ponte Buriano, for many scholars the bridge portrayed in the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, silently navigate along the densely wooded banks, passing under striking rock walls to discover hidden ravines and waterfalls.

The Reserve stretches for about 7 kilometers along the course of the Arno River, from the Romanesque bridge of Ponte Buriano to the power plant located downstream of the ENEL dam of Penna. It includes the artificial reservoir of the dam and the surrounding terrestrial areas. The landscape is mainly characterized by the gentle hills surrounding the reservoir, composed of fluvio-lacustrine sediments of different ages, with sporadic presence of cliffs and vertical walls.
From the paper mill of Ponte a Buriano to Rondine, the Arno River flows through rocky gorges, while from Rondine to Penna, the river widens to form the Penna reservoir. The vegetation consists of holm oak forests, mainly located on slopes directly exposed to the reservoir, a small riparian woodland strip, shrublands, agricultural crops (mostly along the left bank of the Arno), and a vast marshy area in the eastern portion of the Reserve.

Services included

• environmental guide
• equipment needed for the excursion
• life vest
• wine tasting

Services not included

• anything not specified under the heading “Services included”


Excursion duration: approximately 2 hours

Participants: maximum 12

Meeting point: Ponte Buriano / Strada Provinciale dello Spicchio, 63

• It is recommended to bring a pair of waterproof shoes, a change of clothes and shoes, and a towel.

• Minors (minimum age 9 years) must be accompanied by an adult and have the downloadable authorization form available here. [link].

• During the canoe excursion, exposure to the sun can cause sunburn or heatstroke. It is therefore recommended to wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

• The excursion takes place in natural environments often inhabited by many animals. Encounters with animals are not always predictable, and their reactions cannot be anticipated. Sometimes these encounters can create dangerous conditions such as insect bites, bites, kicks, canoe capsizing, etc.

• The activity does not require strenuous physical effort, but in individuals with heart conditions or predispositions, a panic attack and/or an unexpected swim in cold water can trigger a cardiac crisis.

• It is dangerous to undertake the excursion immediately after a heavy meal and/or under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

• During the canoe excursion, the accessibility to qualified medical care may require significant time due to the remote nature of the locations where it often takes place.

Cancellation policies

• In case of particular weather conditions or unsuitable conditions, the guide may decide not to carry out the excursion.
• In case of cancellation of the reservation within 48 hours before the excursion, a full refund will be issued; in case of cancellation thereafter, no refund will be provided.
• In case of cancellation by the guide or the organizer, the customer can choose to reschedule for a new date or request a refund.


Fondazione Arezzo Intour


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from May 23 to September 5, 2024


Ponte Buriano


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