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Arezzo Digital Detox

Imagine the magic of finding some of the silence we have lost along the way, to return to savour the beauty of simple things, to be amazed and moved. Imagine to rediscover the wonder that lives in a walk, in a scent, in a colour. Go back to being a child and look at the world through their curious eyes.


Take a leap back in time and rediscover the beauty of the city of Arezzo through an analogue gaze: a walk along the streets of the city far from your smartphone and from the distractions of modern life-distractions.

Digital Detox is a challenge that invites you to “forget” technological devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs for a while, with the aim of returning to use them with renewed awareness. A path to discover a beautiful city that allows you to reflect, reconnect with your life, your goals and your affections.

Arezzo Digital Detox is about rediscovering the beauty of living an experience while remaining 100% present, without the distractions caused by unnecessary notifications and messages.

An itinerary of about two hours, at the beginning of which each participant will be provided with a complete kit of accessories and documents to use during the journey. The kit will include, among other things, a map of the route, a notebook with all the information needed, curiosities and advice on how best to deal with your walk through the streets of the city.

10 are stages that will take you to as many iconic places in Arezzo that you really can’t miss. Use the tools in the kit to reach them, discover lots of curiosities and let yourself be enchanted by the architectures, atmospheres, scents and views of the streets. A unique experience to really “live” the essence of the city, without any screen between you and its beauties. A small challenge to get in the game and discover, once again, how beautiful it is to “get lost” along the way and finally “find yourself” again.


Purchase your kit now and pick it up directly at the Infopoint Discover Arezzo, located at Via Vasari 13, Arezzo, from 10 AM to 4 PM.


At the moment the detox guide inside the box is only in italian language.

Services included

• Kit Arezzo Digital Detox

Services not included

• anything not specified under the heading “Services included”


• The kit must be picked up at the Infopoint Discover Arezzo, Via Vasari 13 (under the arcades of Piazza Grande), Arezzo, every day from 10 AM to 4 PM.
• The chosen day for the pickup is purely indicative. The pickup can be done at any time by presenting the ticket received via email.


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