Summer in the Casentino Forest Park


Summer is the season of sun, holidays and gatherings. It’s the moment to reclaim your time and leave the year of hard work behind you. Experiencing the Casentino Forest Park during the summer is perfect for anyone who likes to take nature excursions. You can go hiking or by MTB on any of the guided tours in the protected areas or you can decide to go by foot, horseback or donkey or electric boat on the Ridracoli Lake.

Summer is the season of love for the forest animals. Many of the animals take part in spectacular rituals involving fights and courtships. The grunting of the “king of the forest,” the deer, is the main background noise that breaks the monotony of silence.


From the beginning of August, you can take part in the census of the grunting deer as a volunteer. This unique experience lets you live on the “wild side” of the park. You’ll get a chance to enter into the most remote corners of the protected area of the forest. For three nights, you’ll be helped by specialized guides as you contribute to the preservation of this fantastic animal.

The song of love is the hymn of life. It’s a return to a stimulated state of body and mind that people often suppress because of the demands of work and life in the city.


Inside the Casentino Forest, you’ll be captured in a surprising, rare event that has to be experienced in person. You’ll be transformed into an attentive observer, at the service of Mother Nature and you’ll become mindful of the beauty of  every nuance and sound. Three nights offer you the perfect opportunity to monitor  another great animal of the Park: the wolf. In the moonlight, you’ll learn the Wolf-Howling technique. Thanks to the wide acoustic coverage of the territory and valleys, you can follow the movements of this mysterious predator.


Let yourself experience adventure in the magic of the forest from sunset to sunrise. Even for just one night, you can get in sync with the wild rhythm of nature. Let your love of life be rekindled. Cross over the threshold into a forest full of souls and sounds and let your heart beat to the rhythm of this corner of life.

Summer in the Casentino Forest Park

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