Stop in the Valley of Taste


After a day of hiking in the woods of Alpe della Luna, there is nothing better than sitting with the people you love around the table. It’s not just about getting a simple refreshment, it’s about taking a break that usually turns into a Sunday lunch with the family.

After exploring the woods, hiking through mountain creeks, and catching waterfalls everyone starts to feel hungry.

So, after discovering nature and the animals of the forest, after visiting the churches in Badia Tedalda and falling in love with the beauty of Della Robbia  Renaissance ceramics, it may be time to dedicate yourself to the discovery of new foods, to partake in some good old Tuscan mountain cuisine.


In Badia Tedalda and throughout the Alpe della Luna area, the land and the woods know how to be appreciated. Here you can still eat genuine food. The flavors of the past are still the flavors of today and the ingredients come from local farms, transformed into recipes by the wise hands of the women and men from the area.


You can follow the rhythm of your palate and take a colorful route through flavors and scents. Here, pasta is still rigorously made by hand, such as “tagliatelle.” There is ricotta with field herbs, ravioli and numerous sauces simmered over the flame of the fireplace or on the stove in terracotta pots.


Tables are set at the inns, taverns and farmhouses where you can taste porcini mushrooms and plums, fine white truffles, “Raveggiolo” cheese, ricotta and pecorino, wild game, roasts and Chianina steaks. Don’t miss the “king” of the Alpe cuisine: the potato “tortello” or filled pasta. 

Stop in the Valley of Taste

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