Spring blossoms in the Casentino Forest Park


Spring is the season of rebirth and the Casentino Forest Park is the perfect place to see this transformation. After hibernating for the winter, nature wakes up again and peaks out from underneath the blanket of snow, blossoming in a unique rainbow of colors. The strength of nature is something to admire and take to heart while you recharge your own energy for the spring ahead.

The awakening of nature and a return to life


There are days between winter and spring when the calendar already marks the arrival of the new season but the snow is still present on the peaks and ridges. The days begin to get longer and the sun shines brighter. 

Slowly green colors return to the trees and the small new buds appear. The air is filled with new scents.


The spring sentinels reappear with their violet, yellow and white colours. The land is full of Snowdrops, Crocuses, Scillas and Aquilegias that herald a return to life with their appearances. The forest becomes re-animated with new noises, to be heard in silence. The small rodents, the badgers, the foxes, the dormice and the squirrels all come out of their dens.


There is nothing better than a spring day spent in the forest to recharge yourself with new energy. Follow any of the trails or take a guided tour within the Park or in the protected areas. You can go on foot, on horseback, by donkey or by bicycle. Caronte is a town that welcomes you as you approach the dam and the reservoir of Ridracoli. Here you can ferry your e-bike and discover the woods of the Romagna side or the electric boat to enjoy the beauty of this stretch of artificial water, set in the heart of the Casentino Forest.

Experience all the nuances of this Wild Spring.

Spring blossoms in the Casentino Forest Park

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