“Slow” Autumn in Casentino Forest Park


During autumn, the Casentino Forest Park is painted with the warm colours of the forest: yellow, ochre, green, orange and brown in a one-of-a-kind kaleidoscope of nuances. Wherever you look, you see these new colors and textures. It’s an ever-changing inspiration that eventually finds its balance.

The magic of fall foliage and the flavors of the forest

The display of fall foliage in the Park is known as one of the most beautiful in the world. Every year, the Park Authority and the Municipalities of the area organise a fall foliage calendar with events and activities for everybody.

Two months of excursions are planned with day and night walks, photography workshops, fairs and exhibitions. These initiatives can help you experience the magic of the autumn landscapes and discover this land with its prestigious offerings of culture, food and wine.

It’s an invitation to slow down and search for the perfect shot, a glimpse of the warm colors that help to frame ideas.

Just take your camera and wait. Record your thoughts in a diary, as the creaking leaves tell their secrets and stories.

In the autumn air, you can smell seasonal foods: mushrooms, chestnuts, pumpkins, honey. These items, together with the famous Tuscan pecorino cheese and other delicious dishes, are some of the ingredients in the traditional dishes made from ancient recipes. All of these are served in the beautiful, golden setting of the Casentino Forest Park.

Autumn is also a time for exploration. All you need is a little patience to wait for the right time to find new buds under the fallen leaves and you’ll discover mushrooms and truffles along with cones and acorns. All of these lay hidden under nature’s blanket, composed of a thousand warm shades.

Fine tune your sense of calm, considered the virtue of the strong, and resist the haste that daily life imposes upon us. This is the season that can teach you to slow down and get a real sense of a moment spent enjoying the scents of new beginnings and enriching you with its nuances.

A season to discover the right pace, which is the pace of nature and of mountain life.

In the Autumn Slow section you can find all the details of the initiatives.

“Slow” Autumn in Casentino Forest Park

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