Secrets of the hunt for truffles


A kind of “black gold” is hidden in certain secret, picturesque places. If you’re looking for fine food and you like the thrill of the chase, then follow the scent and be ready to dig around in the dirt in order to learn about the age-old practices that make up the quest for black truffles.

 With their unique scent and intense flavor, black truffles are a precious commodity that hunters have been seeking since prehistoric times. Black truffles have a unique, refined flavor that symbolizes Tuscany. 


You’ll be guided on this quest by truffle hunters and their faithful truffle dogs as you learn to move around in the woods and recognize areas where truffles grow. You’ll need to have a sharp nose and eyes for this adrenaline-packed search for one of the most precious foods in the world, found within this beautiful landscape made up of a thousand colors. 


You’ll learn something new every step of the way along this genuine treasure hunt, an activity that has ancient origins.  Once you’ve found the precious truffles, you’ll embark on a new journey to becoming “king of the kitchen.” Expert Tuscan chefs will guide you step by step in turning the truffles into a culinary masterpiece, accompanied by a glass of the best Chianti wine and a view of the lush hills of the Arezzo area. You’ll feel pampered by the master truffle hunters as they share the secrets of their practices which have been passed down from father to son for generations. 


It’ll be a unique chance to have fun outdoors and in the kitchen as you experiment with truffles and end up becoming a real truffle expert. Souvenirs of the experience will include your memories as well as all the products you can bring home so that you can relive this crazy day in Tuscany in your own kitchen. 


Take time to enjoy the nature around you and the good food you create, all while taking in the enchanting landscapes of Italy. The soul of Tuscany awaits you with all the delicacies that nature provides. 

Secrets of the hunt for truffles

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