Rock Climbing in Arezzo


Come rock climbing in Arezzo and see the dreamlike landscapes that surround the mountains in Pratomagno, located between Casentino and Valdarno. There are four simple yet challenging routes that less experienced climbers can even enjoy.

Here the landscapes seem to go on until the end of the world. There are lunar views that extend all the way from the forests to the cliffs. Come here on foot or by mountain bike and you’ll find the slopes of the mountain and the natural climbing areas or crags of “Le Tre Punte,” “Massa Nera,” “Le Tre Fonti,” and the “Via Ferrata Romana Nesi” which reaches the highest peak at the Cross of Pratomagno.

The Crag  “Falesia Le Tre Punte” was first climbed by the men who lived in these mountains. Today it is equipped and managed by the CAI of Arezzo and offers about 40 climbing routes. You can reach it from the Valdarno area by following signs for Loro Ciuffenna and then towards Chiassaia-Anciolina and finally towards Monte Lori. The spectacular cliff is also the end point of the  “Via Ferrata Romana Nesi.”

The Crag “Falesia Massa Nera” has 20 different climbing routes that range in difficulty from 4c to 7a. It’s perfect for a day of fun and adventure, even for more experienced climbers.  From Valdarno, follow signs for Reggello and then head towards Vallombrosa-Saltino.

The Crag “Falesia delle tre Fonti” is also called the New Crag of Pratomagno or “La Trappola”. It is the newest crag in the valley, recently set up with 7 routes. It’s located in Località Le Tre Fonti  and can be reached in 30 minutes by walking from the village of La Trappola and following signs for “Le Tre Fonti.”

The “Via Ferrata Romana Nesi” ends up at the Cross of Pratomagno. This fun, pleasant excursion takes you through the lush areas of this mountain, making it suitable for everyone, even kids. The route begins as you cross through the village of Anciolina, famous for its breathtaking sunsets. You go uphill until you reach the crossroads where you’ll find signs for Pratomagno then Talla. Your adventure begins on the left with a wide, steep path. 

These four routes invite you to conquer the rock walls of the Tuscan Apennines. You’ll take in the pure mountain air and leave the city behind. You’ll encounter deer and wild boar that are the undisturbed keepers of these mountains.

New peaks to conquer, new limits to rise above. A healthy rush adrenaline to help overcome the greatest challenge there is: the one within yourself

  • For adventure lovers
  • For those looking for a safe rush of adrenaline
  • For nature’s lovers
  • For rock climbers: beginners and experts
  • For mountain lovers
  • For adults and children
  • For those who love a bit of silence
  • Rock climbing clothing and shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Map – gps
  • Camera and go-pro
  • Sunglasses
  • A snack to enjoy on the mountain meadows
Rock Climbing in Arezzo

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