Paragliding in the Casentino area


Have you ever dreamed of flying? You’ll get the chance to see all the beauty and unexpected sights that the world offers when you see it from above. It’s like becoming a hawk that spreads its wings and takes flight, letting the air act as your guide. You’ll take in the marvelous views of the Poppi Castle, the forests of the Casentino area and the winding Arno river.

The Casentino area is full of treasures. It’s an uncontaminated valley, dotted with castles and forests that will act as the background for this adventure.  Lift your feet off the ground to discover new things. It’ll be the air around you that guides your movements when you take the wheel on a 2-person motorized paraglider. You’ll be accompanied by an instructor who takes you into the Casentino area where you can see the enchantment of this valley from 1200 meters above. That height will be what separates you from the banality and greyness of the daily grind below and gives you a whole new outlook on the area. 


At 40km per hour, you’ll travel about 20 kilometers as the crow flies. You’ll have the sky above you and the Casentino below you, offering unprecedented views of the entire area. You’ll fly over the extraordinary Poppi Castle, the tower of the Counts of the Guidi family and reach the town of Bibbiena with a view from above of its palaces and basilicas.  The flight takes you over the Arno river to see the grey herons in flight. 


On the next part of the flight, you’ll dart past the Romena Castle and end up in the Casentino Forest Park. This area, along with the Camaldoli Valley, has some of the biggest trees and oldest beech forests in Europe. The flight passes over the town of Moggiona and Monte della Verna with its Sanctuary of Saint Francis and through Porrena Alta area. The Pratomagno Valley and the town of Cetica are the last views that open up in front of you. 


During the springtime, the lush green colors illuminate the plains of the Bibbiena and Casentino areas while during the autumn, you’ll see magnificent red, yellow and amber shades below you. This is an experience that allows you to combine the thrill of flying with wonderful views of the Casentino area from a new vantage point. You’ll land with a whole new set of perspectives and inspirations. 


  • Comfortable clothing
  • Scarf for wind at high altitudes
  • Sunglasses
  • Go-pro to capture this spectacular flight
  • For adventure lovers
  • For those who dream of flying
  • For nature lovers
  • For those who love to discover new things
  • For those who aren’t content with things they’ve “already seen”
  • For those looking for an adrenaline rush and an unforgettable experience
  • For lovers of Tuscan landscapes
  • For those who love to go in search of the perfect Instagram moment
Paragliding in the Casentino area

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