Discovering the Alpe della Luna and its musical springs


Badia Tedalda, in the Upper Tiber Valley, is the main town of the Alpe della Luna area. It is known as a “mountain of water” thanks to the presence of many springs, streams, wells and waterfalls there. The sounds of these waterways, together with other natural sounds, intertwine to create a kind of choir that offers the perfect setting to escape, in mind and in body, from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The rivers Marecchia, Metauro and Foglia each have their source in these musical woods. These rivers begin in Tuscany and flow through Romagna until they reach the Adriatic Sea in Rimini, Fano and Pesaro.

In Badia Tedalda, the water is absolutely pure and you can reach the source of the rivers on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback. Making your way to each place, you can admire the natural pools and waterfalls along the waterway. The most scenic ones near Badia Tedalda are the Presalino Waterfall, the “Specchio della Luna” or  Mirror of the Moon and the Tabussa Cave, which you can also visit at night.

These are pure river springs that can be discovered on trekking trails, by mountain biking and by horseback riding in the woods. No matter what, you’ll find peace, guided by the rush of mountain water. Let yourself be led by the aura of mysticism that these forests offer and indulge in moments of total relaxation as you are lulled by the sounds of waterfalls and streams. Even your kids will fall in love with these timeless places. 


The three voices of Alpe della Luna

The Marecchia River has its source in the thickest part of the woods of the Alpe della Luna area where eagles, deer and wolves roam freely. Since the time of the Etruscans and the ancient Romans, the 80 kilometers of the Marecchia have given life to landscapes of stunning beauty. Over the centuries, the river has been a source of inspiration for great poets, not least of whom was Dante Alighieri. 

This is a land that still bears the signs of its medieval and Renaissance pasts, with fortresses, castles and parishes built by Montefeltro and Malatesta as well as testaments to the passage of Saint Francis.

The Metauro River measures 120 kilometers and is the longest river in the Marche region. With its source in the Alpe della Luna within the territory of Badia Tedalda, it has spectacular landscapes, such as Fosso delle Cannucce. This part of the river is characterized by small waterfalls, natural pools and sulphur springs. It then rises up to the Quarantelle Hill (1022 m. above sea level) and is flanked by wild orchids, creating a path through forests of extraordinary beauty with varied landscapes that have canyons and eddies of water.

The Foglia River was already cited during the time of the Romans. It was formerly named “Isaurus” by the Latin poet Lucano (39-65 d.C) and this river once marked the northern border of the territory occupied by the Piceni. Popular legend has it that the name “Foglia” comes from the union of two young lovers: Folìa and Mutino. Folìa was a beautiful water nymph and Mutino was a boy from the mountains who met Folìa by chance. It was love at first sight.

After they risked losing each other forever due to a spell gone wrong, they reunited again thanks to the power of their tears and their love. From that moment on and to sanction their union, the two lovers gave their names to the river Foglia and its tributary Mutino. Today, like the fingers of the two lovers, the waters of these two waterways touch and intertwine, eventually coming together as a single river flowing into the Adriatic Sea.

  • For nature lovers
  • For water lovers
  • For those in search of a mystical atmosphere
  • For those who love to walk in the woods
  • For those who love adventures out in nature
  • For mountain lovers
  • For adults and children
  • Water bottle to collect and sample the mountain spring water
  • Comfortable shoes for walking in the woods
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Camera to capture that perfect moment
  • Binocular for spotting wild animals
Discovering the Alpe della Luna and its musical springs

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