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If you talk about “Chianina,” you’re talking about Tuscany, but above all - Arezzo. In the Arezzo valleys, the tradition of raising Chianina cows has its roots in antiquity. Since the time of the Romans, this land has been famous for Chianina beef. The Chianina cow is a white giant, beautiful and meek. This animal is a symbol of divine glory and was brought here by the Romans who used them to pull the carts of the victorious in processions.

Today the Chianina cow is raised in the Val di Chiana area and left to graze in the mountain pastures of the Casentino and Valtiberina Valleys. You may happen upon these cows while you’re out hiking or mountain biking but don’t worry, this giant will leave you in peace.

Its meat is considered one of the most precious, tasty meats in the world and Arezzo’s chefs are real masters at transforming it into delicious dishes. On the farms, in country taverns and in restaurants, the Chianina steak is the queen of the grill, but it must be eaten rare.

Chianina is also superb as “tartare,” roast beef, “carpaccio” and, last but not least, in a hearty white ragout. 

Chianina is more than just a traditional dish, it’s a staple for anyone who loves genuine flavors that come from the country where things follow the rhythm of nature.

Chianina Tour

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