A treasure chest of the most beautiful Della Robbia terracottas in the heart of the Alpe della Luna area


From Badia Tedalda, a colorful path opens up in front of your eyes. Anyone with a good ear can almost hear the whispers of the many Della Robbia terracottas pieces. Here secrets and colors come together. This road is dotted with abbeys set in the forest and churches that are like secret treasure chests, containing some of the most beautiful and poignant examples of Renaissance art and aesthetics of the Florentine school.

The glazed terracottas, made in the Della Robbia way, represent one of the greatest mysteries in the history of modern art. Beautiful and shining like glass, these terracotta reliefs have withstood adverse weather conditions and the passing of the centuries due to a secret ingredient. Today, the greatest scientists and contemporary restoration scholars have yet to determine what that secret ingredient may be.

What is known is that the workshop of Della Robbia developed this technique that makes it seem as though the painting is trapped in pottery.  This is due to a process, similar to fossilization, that makes use of lead and tin oxide. What remains a secret to the world, and probably always will be, are the steps involved in this unique, artistic chemical process.

Today, we can admire the gorgeous pieces of this artistic genius. You could travel through time just like in a dream and imagine the magic used to bring to life the wonderful Della Robbia terracottas in Badia Tedalda. 

The glazed terracottas of the Alpe della Luna were made by Santi and Benedetto Buglioni, students in the workshop of Della Robbia. You can see these in the Church of St.Thomas in Montebotolino, in the Church of St. Peter in Fresciano and in the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, in the center of the village of Badia Tedalda. This church also has five splendid glazed terracottas commissioned by Bishop Leonardo Bonafede: three large altarpieces, a refined ciborium (with white angels and cherubs illuminated in yellow and set on thin blue backgrounds), and two figures in bas-relief, depicting the Annunciation of the Virgin and the Archangel Gabriel.


You’ll see wonderful pieces that will transport you to an ancient world, full of mystery and beauty. A rainbow of colors that blends with the light of the old forest of the Alpe della Luna area. Art pieces surprise you within the harmonious flow of the life of these forests.


  • For those who love art and the Renaissance
  • For mountain and nature lovers
  • For those who love to be surprised
  • For those who want to experience things at just the right pace
  • For those who want to leave the hustle and bustle behind
  • For those who love a bit of silence
  • Time and care
  • Curiosity
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Camera
A treasure chest of the most beautiful Della Robbia terracottas in the heart of the Alpe della Luna area

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