Pratomagno and the mountain hamlet

Ring excursion on the Valdarno side of Pratomagno, in a beautiful woods and small hamlets set like nativity scenes in the mountain. Poggio di Loro, Rocca Ricciarda and Gorgiti are the characteristic villages that we will visit in this itinerary.

Points of interest: Rocca Ricciarda, Gorgiti and Poggio di Loro

Difficulty: E = Hike

Duration: about 6h

Length: 12 km

Altitude difference: 400m +/-



20 pax

It is recommended to bring an adequate supply of water (at least 1 liter) and possibly something to eat for the small intermediate stops.Dress clothing suitable for the season and weather conditions: rain cape (gore-tex is better), waterproof trekking

More info:

Andrea Pignattelli - andrea.pignattelli@virgilio.it - 3381399781

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