At Villa La Ripa the art of the vineyard has been handed down for centuries. The ancient Renaissance farmhouse, built around a tower of the year 1000, and the fine wine cellar are set on the gentle hills of Arezzo Chianti in a landscape to live, to discover and... to taste.

Tour of the Renaissance Villa and our cellar: we will tell you the secrets of our Villa by taking you to the historic and most characteristic rooms that are still inhabited today by the Owner: Saverio Luzzi and his wife. At the end of the tour, guided tasting of three of our wines. We will take you through an interesting analysis of wine starting from the visual characteristics, to then move on to the olfactory ones that we will teach you to recognize. Finally, the most pleasant part: tasting the wine and pairing it with high quality products such as: a selected goat cheese, a quality Parmesan cheese and Tuscan bread with our  multiprized EVO (extra virgin olive oil).

From Monday  to  Friday 10.30 am and 4.00 pm - guaranteed tour.

Saturday at 10:30 pm - upon confirmation by 5pm on Friday

  • Guided tour of the Renaissance Villa, the vineyards
  • Tasting of 3 wines 
  • Selected goat cheese and a quality Parmesan cheese
  • Tasting of extra virgin olive oil on Tuscan on Tuscan bread
  • Trasporto
  • Tutto quanto non indicato alla voce "Incluso nei servizi"
min. 2 max. 10

"To get to Villa La Ripa from Arezzo city view directions in Google Maps at the link below. Thank you"


Etrà 18+ per la degustazione