Beautiful towns of Etruscan origins and both characterized by a dominant position on the surrounding area Cortona and Arezzo are located at a short distance (35 km) and it is therefore possible to visit them together in a one-day guided tour.

In one day you can discover the marvelous squares, churches and medieval and Renaissance palaces of  Arezzo and Cortona in complete calm.

Arezzo, the provincial capital famous for the production of refined jewelry, was the birthplace of the Benedictine monk Guido Monaco or Guido d’Arezzo, inventor in the 11th century of the musical notes, and also of the great poet Petrarca, the artist Giorgio Vasari and the literary man Pietro Aretino while a great painter and mathematician like Piero della Francesca left his masterpiece in this city.

This is the extraordinary cycle of frescoes of the Renaissance "The Legend of the True Cross", considered a milestone in the history of universal art. Its very well preserved medieval and Renaissance historical center was immortalized by Roberto Benigni in the famous film "Life is beautiful", winner of an Oscar in 1999.

Despite its small size, Cortona has always stood out for its cultural liveliness and international atmosphere since it became an important center for archaeological research in the 18th century by virtue of the "Etruscan Academy" and the "Etruscan Museum", both founded in 1728 and acclaimed by passionate supporters across Europe such as Voltaire and Montesquieu who also became members. More recently Cortona has returned to the international spotlight thanks to the novel by the Californian writer Frances Mayes "Under the Tuscan Sun" which is set there as well as the film that was made from it. 

In Arezzo you will admire Piazza San Francesco with the church San Francesco where Piero della Francesca left his masterpiece, the medieval Pieve, Piazza Grande with the Lodges designed by Vasari, the Duomo and San Domenico which houses the painted cross of Cimabue inside.

In Cortona you will be guided to see Piazza Garibaldi with its magnificent view over the entire Valdichiana, San Domenico, via Nazionale, Piazza della Repubblica with the Palazzo del Comune, San Francesco, Piazza Signorelli with Palazzo Casali and the Duomo.

Guided tour with a professional and qualified guide, art historian and author of art books.

The transfer to move from one city to another.

itinerario da 4 a 20 partecipanti

The tour will be carried out starting from the minimum participation of 4 people.

Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers.

It is a guided tour that requires the ability to walk facing no difficult climbs to reach the monuments in the two cities.

It is necessary to have your own means of transport to move from one city to another.

An interest for art, history and the ability of walking in town facing no difficult climbs to reach the monuments