Famous citizen of Arezzo

Let’s discover Arezzo through the famous people who made it reknown: from Guido Monaco, the inventor of the musical partition, to Francesco Petrarca, from Piero della Francesca to Giorgio Vasari.

A tour of the town where were born some of the great men who made the history of Italy in literature, arts, natural and medical sciences, philosophy, wine and even more. Starting by Gaio Cilnio Mecenate, important political man and lover of arts during the ancient Rome period, we will get to Francesco Petrarca, still considered the greatest writer of the XIVth century and pilaster of modern Italian language, to arrive to Renaissance with Piero della Francesca, Masaccio, Michelangelo and Giorgio Vasari, just to mention some of them. This trip will bring us to the birth-house of Petrarca where it will be possible to admire medieval manuscripts and other documents of important value as “Il Bacco in Toscana” written by Francesco Redi in the XVIIth century which talks about the Tuscan wines.



Visit of Arezzo Cathedral with a detailed description of Piero della Francesca “Maria Maddalena”

Visit of the house of Francesco Petrarca where the writer was born in 1304.

Visit of the house of Giorgio Vasari, great artist born in Arezzo, symbol of the Medici greatness and whose house is considered one of the most beautiful exemples of Tuscan Manerism.

Guided tour with local professional guide.

Entrance fee (Casa Vasari, Casa Petrarca).

Guided tour from 1 person to a maximum of 10 people

Il tour è operativo tutti i giorni, gli orari sono a scopo indicativo. In fase di richesta è possibile concordare un orario differente.