We are forest, steps, sounds, visions

30.07.2021 18:15 - 23:30

On Friday, July 30 there will be an event that will close the 38th edition of the Valdarno Jazz Summer Festival at the Fattoria Della Nave in Terranova Bracciolini with a guided tour inside the botanical park, a dinner by chef Leonardo Barbagli based on local products. Finally, a live film-musical, with animation and music, which will bring in the park the new original production weblog Valdarno Culture & Francesco Taddeucci "We are forest".

The program

  • 18:15 meeting
  • at 18:30 guided tour inside the botanical park with Samuele Benucci, historical environmental guide of the area.
  • from 19:45 dinner buffet
  • 21:30 hours live Siamo Foresta


It is possible to participate also only to the guided tour or to the show
Reservation required
Guided tour and show free, dinner € 22 including water, wine and coffee.

Dinner menu:

Appetizers: Crispy Panzanella, Fancy croutons, Ham and Cheese.
First course: Cold pasta and Pappa al pomodoro.
Secound course: Peposo and baked eggplant with cream cheese.
Side dishes: Baked potatoes with butter and rosemary, seasonal salad.
Desserts: Torta della Nonna, fruit tarts and fruit salad.

Reservations required:

  • show and visit (also Whatsapp messages) at +39 338 78 29 224 or +39 335 70 53 766
    or valdarnoculture@gmail.com.
  • dinner at +39 346 52 37 013.


For more information visit the website at the linkhttp://macma.it/project/siamo-foresta-suoni-passi-visioni-30-luglio-2021/.

We are forest, steps, sounds, visions

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