Water Trekking in the Casentino river

25.07.2021 10:00 - 16:00

Adrenaline and fun instead with the Acqua Trekking in the Casentino streams. Accompanied in safety by environmental guides, you can get in touch with nature by wading streams and cooling off in the crystal clear waters of small streams, among breathtaking waterfalls and natural pools in an absolutely wild natural setting.

Excursions in contact with nature, using legs and arms to ford the streams, and on days with high outside temperatures, you can dive into the cool and crystalline waters of the Tuscan Apennines.
With your feet wet feet you walk among waterfalls, stones and logs, for a real adventure in the water!
In the activities, no technical equipment is used including harnesses or carabiners, but only boots with non-smooth soles, shorts or swimsuit and spare clothing are required. Possibility to rent a helmet and trekking poles.
The medium / high difficulty events are not suitable for children, dogs and all those who are not willing to walk.

Appointments of July:

Sunday 18 July Montemignaio: Fiana Paradiso Selvaggio
Particularly demanding itinerary in which the Wild Fiana will be ascended between breathtaking waterfalls and natural pools in which to dive into an absolutely wild and constantly changing natural context. Limited places by reservation.

Saturday 24 July Montemignaio: The Pratomagno swimming pools
Sunday 25 July Talla: Pratomagno Wild – Acquatrekking in Capraia
The circular itinerary includes the ascent of the stream and the subsequent descent through an ancient path on the Picchio coast, which crosses the town of Capraia and returns to the starting point.

Sunday 25th July Montemignaio: Le Piscine delle Fate – Acqua-Trekking Wild
Short aquatic itinerary in one of the most fascinating streams of the upper Arno river basin nestled in the Pratomagno gorges.

For equipment \ clothing to bring and reservations, consult the website: https://www.cooperativainquiete.it/eventi-luglio-2021-foreste-casentinesi/

Water Trekking in the Casentino river

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