Visit to Galatrona with toast under the stars

24.07.2021 19:15 - 23:00

On Saturday 24 July, a night excursion to the Pieve and Torre di Galatrona is scheduled, organized by the Valdambra Association and the Cai Valdarno, with the patronage of the Municipality of Bucine. It will be possible to admire the starry sky from the top of the Tower illuminated by the full moon, after visiting the Pieve di Galatrona led by the Amici del Torrione Association.

Galatrona, inhabited since the Roman period, was a fortified village that followed the historical events of the Valdambra. The Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista in Petrolo, known as Galatrona, is known and visited for the splendid glazed terracotta made by Giovanni della Robbia at the beginning of the 16th century. The Tower, on the other hand, is what remains of the ancient castle and offers a magnificent view of the valley from the top.

The meeting is at the cemetery of Mercatale Valdarno, Bucine, at 7.15 pm.
The excursion, which is easy to carry out, will be led by the environmental hiking guide Antonio Magnelli, and is open to all; it will be 7 km long and will end at around 11.00 pm.
The participation fee is 10 € (with insurance) for non-members; € 5 for Cai members.
There is a toast with local wines.

For information and reservations (mandatory) call the following numbers: +39 339.5832651 (Rossi) + 39 338.6929492 (Failli) + 39 335.6917594 (Martellini) + 39 333.3443945 (Mazzola).
During the visit it is mandatory to use a mask, gel and keep the distance. Packed dinner is provided and it is recommended that you bring a flashlight and hiking shoes.

Visit to Galatrona with toast under the stars

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