…VEDERE IL GIORNO E LA NOTTE. …SEE DAY AND NIGHT. The civil commitment of Venturino Venturi

02.06.2022 - 28.08.2022

An exhibition project that is also an itinerary in stages in three symbolic cultural locations for Valdarno: Loro Ciuffenna, Terranuova Bracciolini and Cavriglia.

Three exhibition events, devised and curated by Lucia Fiaschi (Director of the Venturino Venturi Museum) and Andrea Rauch, which arose from the curators’ reflections on the need to bring to the attention of new audiences an extraordinary season that saw the memory of the dramatic events that particularly wounded Tuscany at the centre of historical and artistic reflection, but which was also a sign of the community’s attention to substantial themes of civil life. The capillary communication, of which the posters published from 1970 to 1990 were a leading element, reconstructed from memory wounded communities that began to recognise themselves in a renewed path of sharing ethical and civil values. The anniversary of the twentieth anniversary of the death of Venturino Venturi, who was often called upon to create a civic-themed monument, is, for the poetic and visionary character of his interventions, more than the occasion, the primary substance of this project – suffice it to recall how the Mural of Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni in memory of the victims of the Nazi-Fascist massacre of 4 July 1944 still preserves the sacredness of memory and preserves signs of hope and life.

Loro Ciuffenna

2 June 2022 – 28 August 2022

Between the Seventies and throughout the Nineties, the Region of Tuscany published wall posters to emphasise those civil anniversaries – 25 April, 1 May and 2 June – to which it entrusted the renewed dialogue with the population whose memory of the tragic events of the Second World War was still alive. Subsequently, it entrusted the posters with the visual commentary of the fundamental moments of the community’s civil journey, with the primary objective of reconstructing its civil and ethical awareness step by step. Commissioned from high-profile graphic designers and artists of national importance, the wall posters became a widespread and effective communication tool. The posters, from the Historical Archive of the Regional Council of Tuscany, are exhibited in the Venturino Venturi Art Gallery and Museum where the original sketches that Venturi proposed for the poster he was commissioned to produce on the occasion of 2 June 1988 can be seen. The main signatures include Andrea Rauch, Leonardo Mattioli, Roberto Barni, Umberto Buscioni and Venturino Venturi.

Terranuova Bracciolini

17 June 2002 – 28 August 2022

For Venturino Venturi, the declination of commitment has always been a privileged instrument of dialogue with the civil community. Often called upon to honour their memory, also because of the very high ethical profile that has always distinguished him, he has ventured into a ‘monumental’ production of poetic and visionary synthesis that from Florence, with the Monument to the Martyrs of Nazism in Piazza Tasso, has led him to Loro Ciuffenna with the Monument to the Human Family, passing through Chitignano to then reach Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni with the Mural for the memory of the Nazi-Fascist massacre of 4 July 1944. Called to the 1947 London competition for the memory of political prisoners, he had the honour of the podium. Then came the time of the Piazza Tasso Monument, a block of savonniére stone hollowed out on the inside to suggest the extermination camps’ terrible tragedy. Subsequently Venturi worked on Verbo nascente, a boulder carved longitudinally for a sublime Ascension, but dedicated to the victims of all wars, then the Monumento alla famiglia umana in Loro Ciuffenna in memory of the Resistance: a statuary marble with a sculpted man supporting a woman holding a child from behind, a poetic synthesis of hope, which won the praise of Ragghianti who, on the other hand, often declared his aversion to Italian monumentalism from whose traps Venturi always escaped. On display are oil on paper monotypes that prelude monumental expression and explore themes closely connected to Venturi’s poetics.

Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni

3 July 2022

In Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni there is an extraordinary place where an entire community, from the living memory of the Nazi-Fascist massacre, has been able, and still is able, to draw lifeblood. Anyone passing through Piazza Pertini will feel its strength, so much so that since 1993, when it was inaugurated, to date it has never been brutalised, not even recklessly. It is encircled by the Mural that Venturino dedicated to that community wounded by the massacre of 4 July 1944, a community that was able to rise again to new life thanks to the noble and hard work of the mine, to strong family ties and peace. The Mural is introduced by the mighty silhouette of the iron man who, with his raised hand, sternly protects the square and the entire community. Venturino worked hard on the sculpture and on that Mural, the restoration of which will be presented, fully restoring its chromatic vivacity. It will also be the occasion for an exhibition in the rooms of the MINE Museum that will display for the first time the original sketches and images of the building site, traces of an extraordinary season whose echoes still extend today. The completion of the important restoration campaign coincides with the celebration of the 4th of July, the living memory of the massacre that killed 191 innocent civilians.

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…VEDERE IL GIORNO E LA NOTTE. …SEE DAY AND NIGHT. The civil commitment of Venturino Venturi

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