The “Polifonico”

24.08.2022 - 27.08.2022

Music reaches out and permeates everything. The streets of the historic center, the town squares, the churches and the theaters become the meeting places of voices, people and cultures from the four corners of the world. Every year since 1952, this event has taken place in the birthplace of Guido Monaco and has transformed Arezzo into the capital of music.

Four days of musical harmony during which Arezzo shines and comes to life. 

Every year on the last four days of August, the “Polifonico” event takes place and shines with the bright colors of the traditional costumes worn by the members of the choirs. It’s a show that delights your ears and your eyes. 

The event is a competition that brings together choral traditions and music. It has a long history in Arezzo and has grown even bigger over the years. Thanks to the “Polifonico,” Arezzo has become a meeting place of peoples from many different countries. 

The churches and the city light up and become center stage for strong, unexpected emotions. You get a chance to enter into these places as they become musical treasure chests of Arezzo. You’ll quickly feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the scene, by the intimate stories sung by the choir and by the festive joy of the folk songs they sing. 

The International Polyphonic Competition is not only the most important event for choral expressions from around the world, it’s an unforgettable experience for both artists and spectators.

The “Polifonico”

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