The “Palio” of Victory in Anghiari

29.06.2022 00:00 - 00:00

Anghiari is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy and every year on June 29th, the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul, the “Palio” of Victory takes place there. The event commemorates the famous Battle of Anghiari which took place in 1440. This is the same battle that was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the “Salone of Cinquecento” in Florence. During this battle, the Florentines defeated the Milanese and established, once and for all, the territory of Tuscany.

Every year on June 29th since 1440, a cannon is fired at exactly 8pm and the steepest hill race of Italy begins. The race is carried out in an area that stands at a height of 1441 meters with a 10% slope. Athletes from all over the country compete in this race that still maintains all the spirit of the original fight. 

Physical contact is allowed including pushing, pulling and tackling. This competition starts at the Chapel of Victory and finishes at the end of the steep climb of Ruga of San Martino street in the Piazza Baldaccio square.

For this race the winner is not one single person, instead it’s the Italian city that the winner represents. The prize is a cloth banner painted by hand. The the Palio of the Victory is unique with its 15th century style displayed in the parades and processions and with Renaissance dances.


The “Palio” of Victory in Anghiari

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