The Madonna of Comfort, patron of Arezzo

15.02.2021 13:32 - 15.02.2021

Every February 15th on the anniversary of the miracle, more than a thousand people from Arezzo pay homage to the Madonna.

On February 15th,1796 in a smoky tavern in Arezzo, three people were praying to a soot-covered effigy of Our Lady of Provenzano. They were imploring her to put an end to the violent earthquakes that had been plaguing Arezzo.

As the story goes, the dirty, blackened statuette depicting the Madonna suddenly became clear and shined “as if she had diamonds and rubies on her chest.” At that very moment, the tremors stopped. The effigy of the Madonna was immediately moved to the Arezzo Cathedral and, in 1815, it was placed at the center of a chapel dedicated to her.

From that day on, every February 15th, thousands of people gather in the Cathedral to celebrate and thank the patron of Arezzo with flowers, songs and prayers. The Saracino Joust is also dedicated to the Madonna of Comfort every September.

The Madonna of Comfort, patron of Arezzo