The Grape Festival in Subbiano

13.09.2020 08:00 - 13.09.2020 18:00

In the town of Subbiano, there is an End of Summer Festival that celebrates the old peasant traditions of the Casentino area. One of the most important events during the festival is the “Festa dell’Uva” or Grape Festival. It’s a joyful event for the whole town, full of Tuscan folklore.

From the third Saturday in August until the second Sunday of September, Subbiano turns purple. The Grape Festival takes center stage and fills Subbiano with color and happiness. 

You can spend the late summer evenings with the farmers of the village on their allegorical carts or see the flag throwers and majorettes dressed in bright colors. There is lots of wine, the true protagonist of these intense evenings, and it flows to commemorate old harvests and the rituals of the past. 

The outdoor “Mercatino del Tempo che Fu” or “Market of Times Gone By” takes place on the morning of the second Sunday in September. This popular market offers authentic peasant foods and showcases local crafts.

The Grape Festival in Subbiano

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