The Ecomuseum and the chestnut

08.12.2022 00:00 - 00:00

Small villages in the Casentino valley come alive in autumn and return to the past with the tradition of the chestnut, with a programme of tastings and sales of local products, tastings of traditional dishes, excursions and guided tours, entertainment and music to celebrate the queen of autumn.

The calendar, coordinated by the Casentino Ecomuseum, is part of the Festasaggia project, the main purpose of which is to initiate a process of qualification, valorisation and promotion of village festivals, conceived as important moments of socialisation and welcome, stimulating attitudes of ecological sensitivity and rediscovery and protection of the values and products of the territory.


29 and 30 October
Castagnatura Festival – Raggiolo – Ortignano Raggiolo
(info La Brigata di Raggiolo, tel. 339.7787490)

13th November
Chestnut Festival – Cetica – Castel San Niccolò
(info Pro Loco di Cetica, tel. 333.8698532)

8 December – Polenta and Sweet Baldino Festival
Faltona – Talla
(info Pro Loco Faltona, tel. 335.6154591)

The Ecomuseum and the chestnut

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