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The Battle of Scannagallo

The charm and fascination of the Renaissance are revived in Marciano della Chiana with an innovative theatrical historical re-enactment


“1554 – Siege at the Castle of Marciano”. Organised by the Scannagallo cultural association, the event will take place over two days full of initiatives for all ages and will offer a real journey back through the centuries. Dozens of re-enactors will enliven the Valdichiana village and involve visitors in an experience of history, theatre and culture to recall the events that took place in Marciano della Chiana in the summer of 1554 just a few hours after the famous battle of Scannagallo between the Hispano-Florentine and Franco-Senese armies.
Both days will be enriched by a “photographic treasure hunt” with a game of images and clues, designed to give adults and children alike an additional opportunity to have fun in the streets of the village.
The event is part of a programme of commemorative initiatives that will continue on Wednesday 2 August with the Celebrations at the Temple of Santo Stefano alla Vittoria in Pozzo della Chiana.



Saturday, July 29th
Torre di Marciano, Marciano della Chiana
6:00 PM

Discussion and Combat Demonstration
A comparison between the great masters of Japanese culture and the teachers of Italian Renaissance schools to share and rediscover the art of war through the study of martial treaties and the practical demonstration of 16th-century combat techniques. Among the protagonists of this event, Elia Herbst (teacher of historical fencing at the “Achille Marozzo” Swordplay School in Florence) and Enrico Possieri (Kendo and Iaido coach and Shihan of Ichi Gi Do Bujutsu Cortona Dojo) will alternate with historical reenactors.


Historic Center, Marciano della Chiana
9:30 PM

Theatrical Dramatization of Historical Events in the Most Significant Corners of the Village
Theatrical reenactment aimed at telling the siege and reconquest of the castle by the Medici troops led by Cosimo I, which, with the final victory, laid the foundations for the future formation of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The great novelty will be the unprecedented union between the historical and theatrical components, with events and characters interpreted by the historical companies of Scannagallo di Pozzo della Chiana, Giovanni dalle Bande Nere di Firenze, Aper Labronicus di Livorno, Aquila Bianca di Modena, the historical group of the pro-loco of Monte San Savino, and the historical theater company Historia of the Artedaparte association.


Sunday, July 30th

Historic Center, Marciano della Chiana
starting at 5:30 PM

The Streets and Squares of the Village Hosting a Reconstruction of Life at the Castle
Reenactors will propose dances, fencing, training with pikes, and armor dressing. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the rooms of the tower by visiting the exhibition dedicated to Scannagallo and wearing a technologically advanced visor that will transport them directly onto the battlefield with an immersive, multisensory, and three-dimensional experience.





July 29th and 30th, 2023


Marciano della Chiana