The “Archidado” Joust

12.06.2022 00:00 - 00:00

Experience the charm of medieval Cortona. Every year during the second weekend of June and the preceding week, the whole town of Cortona is in celebration. The townspeople re-enact the wedding of Francesco Casali, Lord of Cortona, and Antonia Salimbeni, a noble woman from Siena.

Just like the summer of 1397, the streets and squares are crowded with music, dances and flag shows that pave the way for the greatest event: the crossbow tournament called  the “Achidado” Joust.

History takes center stage, thanks to more than 500 figures including dames, knights and craftsmen for the market exhibition of historic trades and crafts.The “Archidado” Joust . Twenty meters is the distance between the crossbow and the shooting line that leads to the target, a wooden box that measures 15 centimeters and is placed in the center of a oblong board. The five districts, known as “the Quintieri of Cortona,” compete against one another to achieve the impossible task of splitting the nail at the center of the target which only  measures 2 millimeters. The winner gets 5 points and takes home the coveted prize,  the golden “Verretto,” as well as the glory that lasts for  centuries.

11,00 a.m. – Provaccia
4 p.m. – Parade followed by the Joust of the Archidado
20,00 – Medieval dinner in costume (reservation required)

info: tel. +39 380 705 4496


The “Archidado” Joust

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