Summer evenings in Castelsecco

19.08.2021 19:00 - 21:30

A series of theatrical, musical and other performances in July and August in a cool place at sunset or after dinner. This is the sixth edition that also allows you to get to know the archaeological area of Castelsecco in Arezzo.

It is a natural stage and one of the places in the heart of the Arezzo people, even if they sometimes forget it. Trekking lovers, those who want to enjoy the silence, those who love picnics or looking at the stars go up here. It was the ancient Etruscan theater and thanks to the Castelsecco association the imposing walls with its sandstone blocks built in the second century BC, today an imposing terrace over the city and the archaeological park of San Cornelio, are once again a privileged summer stage.

The program “The evenings of Castelsecco”, from early July to mid-August offers jazz, pop, theater performances, evenings for young people and children, the trial of Dante, an event dedicated to astronomy, an Aeneid particularly ‘evocative’ and the wonderful voices of Laura Falcinelli and Ilaria Scatizzi.

Events calendar

Friday 2 July – 7.00 pm
“The Decameron”. Directed by A. Kovacevich, with the Free Academy of the Theater of Arezzo.

Saturday 3 July – 7.00 pm
“Agamemnon”. Directed by A. Biagiotti, with the “Junior” actors group.

Sunday 4th July – 7.00 pm
“Seven in Thebes”. Directed by A. Biagiotti, with the group of actors “Ostinati”.

Thursday 8 July – 9.15 pm
“Paolo and Francesca”. From the Divine Comedy. Reading and commentary by Giuseppe Fanfani.

Thursday 15 July – 9.15 pm
Jazz music. Round Midnight Jazz Band and the voice of Laura Falcinelli.

Thursday 22 July – 9.15 pm
“Aeneas, the refugee son of the Goddess”. The Aeneid Book II. Reading and commentary by Lapo Lani.

Thursday 29 July – 9.15 pm
Pop music in an acoustic key. Tixie Quarte and the voice of Ilaria Scatizzi.

Thursday 5th August – 7.00 pm
“Trial of Dante”. Reading and commentary by Cinzia della Ciana and Andrea Matucci.

Thursday 12 August – 9.15 pm
Astronomy. Vision of the stars with telescopes with A. Luttini and E. Boschi.

Thursday 19 August – 7.00 pm
“Il brutto anatroccolo” directed by Livio Valenti, with the theaters of “Nata”.


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Summer evenings in Castelsecco

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