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Stanza delle Arti

Ancient knowledge of art and craftsmanship. Art workshops and workshops.


The ancient crafts of art and craftsmanship represent a precious heritage of knowledge, “know-how with hands” and beauty that should not only be preserved but also transmitted. The Municipality of Arezzo, the Arezzo Intour Foundation, and the Arezzo Comunità Foundation have renovated the historic building on Via Pellicceria in the city’s old town, transforming it into the “Training Hub for Immaterial Economies” and dedicating a room to specific art workshops for adults.
The calendar of events we propose offers workshops and meetings to introduce participants to various arts such as sculpture, modeling, and graphic arts, including the study and practice of ancient dry and wet drawing and printmaking techniques (woodcut, engraving, etching, drypoint, monotype).
In addition, there are other programs such as the “Summer Course,” a dedicated exploration of the world of antique drawing and printing with visits to the city’s collections, “The Art Workshop” which focuses on the recovery of traditional painting techniques and the secrets of ancient crafts, and “Paper Crafts” which consists of a calendar of demonstrations and workshops of various durations aimed at promoting artisanal and artistic techniques related to the world of paper, ranging from calligraphy to letterpress printing, from non-digital photography to bookbinding, from portraiture to papier-mâché craftsmanship.



June 3rd


June 22-23
Weaving with a manual loom


July 1st
Giorgio Vasari, drawing, and engraving


July 4-5-6
The Art Workshop – The Fresco Painter

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July 17-19
Weaving with a frame loom

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July 21-22-23
Paper Crafts – Anthotype Course

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August 4-5-6-7
The Art Workshop – The Gilder and Panel Painting


August 24-25-26-27
Paper Crafts – Portrait “from chiaroscuro to drawing”

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September 1-3
Sculpture Course 1

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September 22-23-24
Paper Crafts – Etching Course “drypoint and etching”


October 14-25
5th edition of the Summer/Fall Course


October 27-28-29
Paper Crafts – Monotype Course “speed and printing”


November 4-6
Sculpture Course 2


December 2-3
Paper Crafts – Creating with papier-mâché


December 9-10-11-12
The Art Workshop – The Watercolorist


December 8-10
The Art Workshop – The Watercolorist
Sculpture Course 3


For more detailed information about course dates and topics, download the brochure.


+39 0575 1664385



From May 24th to December 12th, 2023


Ex Scuola Chiarini
Via di Pellicceria, 23