Spettatori Erranti Summer

18.08.2021 20:00 - 23:30

The Aretina Theater Network has decided to offer its spectators a "Summer" edition of the project "Errant spectators calls Italy", wandering through the summer festivals of Arezzo and its province, a program of seven shows that crosses the capital, the four valleys and different kinds of shows in collaboration with: Anghiari Dance Hub, Diesis Teatrango, Kanterstrasse, Libera Accademia del Teatro, Nata Teatro, Officine della Cultura, Teatro di Anghiari, CapoTrave / Kilowatt Festival and Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo Onlus.

Spettatori Erranti is a group of spectators who move around the theaters in the province of Arezzo to see and discover the most original shows, the most innovative proposals from the various billboards, and get to know actors, directors and authors.
The project, promoted by the Aretina Theater Network with the contribution of Mibac, the Tuscany Region and the Province of Arezzo, has created in recent years a community of curious spectators who are attentive to the cultural proposals of the territory, open to anyone who wants to join the group.
It will be an opportunity to discover original theatrical performances, new dramaturgies, unusual expressive languages, circus theater, dance, narrative theater.


Tuesday 13 July at 9.15 pm
Arezzo – National Archaeological Museum “Gaio Cilnio Mecenate” and Arezzo Amphitheater
Alessandro Bergonzoni
“Trascendi e Sali” with Alessandro Bergonzoni

Friday 16 July at 9.15 pm
Monte San Savino – Open Air Theater
Culture workshops
“Le Beatrici” with Amanda Sandrelli and Rita Marcotulli

Saturday 17 July at 9.35 pm
Sansepolcro – Cloister of San Francesco
Ginevra Panzetti / Enrico Ticconi
“ARA! ARA! ”

Monday 26 July at 9.30 pm
Montevarchi – Cloister of Cennano
Yellow Sea Minimal Theater
“Children in Hell”

Monday 2 August at 9.15 pm
Bibbiena – Courtyard of the Photography Museum
Boarding Theater Company – Beach Theater
“The Martians at the Sea”

Friday 6 August at 21.00
Bucine – Municipal Amphitheater
Ilinx Theater
“Shakespeare In Socks”

10 – 19 August
“Checked Tablecloth”
From 15 to 18 August at 20.00
“Errant Table”

Participation in the project is free. Spectators participating in the Spettatori Erranti Summer project can attend the shows by paying a ticket at a special reduced price.

For information write to info@reteteatralearetina.it or call + 39 331.7880087.

Spettatori Erranti Summer

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