S(O)GGETTIVAMENTE, modern art for an ancient town, Civitella in Va di Chiana

10.07.2022 - 07.08.2022

Pure art at 360 degrees, where the installed forms dialogue with the territory and the observer, in a timeless communication. Reconnecting those threads of memory to which Civitella is the bearer. Through a message that is renewed thanks also to this biennial that is capable of involving artists, critics, scholars and an increasingly numerous public.

The selection includes the works of twelve sculptors – Riccardo Biondi, Roberto Coccoloni, Giacomo Del Giudice, Sara Del Giudice, Franco Franchi, Piero Gensini, Emanuele Giannetti, Fritzi Metzger, Gabriele Montani, Claudio Nicoli, Massimo Villani, Wang Yu – that will be placed in the open spaces of the medieval architectural fabric. Together they form the framework of Summer 2022 in Civitella, which has always been a bridge between the past and the future.

The Civitella Sculpture Biennale is unique in its kind: it is precisely by walking along its ancient stones that one becomes an imaginary spectator of one of the most heinous massacres in the history of Italy, the one carried out by Nazi-Fascist troops on 29 June 1944. Here, one fully understands how much life overcomes its own pain, how from the ashes everyone is always capable of rising to new life. For when a life is lost, it is never forgotten. It becomes gift, forgiveness, love. In a word, it is reborn. From itself, with itself, with a strength that has never been quenched. Civitella’s sculptures are all this. Art that becomes breath, a gift that becomes life, beauty that opens the spirit and guides the mind.

Info: info@prolococivitellachiana.it

S(O)GGETTIVAMENTE, modern art for an ancient town, Civitella in Va di Chiana

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