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Silvia Mezzanotte: Le Mie Regine

Silvia Mezzanotte brings to the stage the great voices of Italian and international music: a journey that ranges from Mina to Mia Martini, from Alice to Giuni Russo, revisiting in a pop-rock style the great classics of Nina Simone, Gloria Gaynor, and many others.


“Artists don’t like to talk about their vulnerabilities,” confides Silvia Mezzanotte, “but ‘Regine’ (Queens) was born from the desire to share my artistic and personal journey: the innate shyness that accompanied my childhood, my strong will to sing that clashed with a deep sense of inadequacy in facing life. Music saved me, listening to the greatest female voices that were already part of my existence as a child opened new perspectives on the world. That’s why ‘Regine’ represents, more than anything else, the path that allowed me to transform my weaknesses into my strength.”
So, famous songs by Mina, Ornella Vanoni, Anna Oxa, Patty Pravo shed their classicism to fully enter the modernity of new arrangements, or they are reborn in a surprising version translated into a different language from the original. Meanwhile, some of the most intimate and collected gems from the repertoire of Mimì or Giuni Russo gain new popularity, traveling in parallel with the voices that have left their mark on the international scene, such as Annie Lennox, Kate Bush, Noa, and many others. Four talented and experienced musicians accompany the artist on this new adventure: Riccardo Cherubini on guitars, Lino De Rosa Davern on bass, Michele Scarabattoli on keyboards, and Claudio Del Signore on drums and percussion. “Naturally,” emphasizes Silvia Mezzanotte, “in this show, I have reserved a special place for the artistic journey that led me to be the voice of Matia Bazar for 10 years. From ‘Brivido caldo’ to ‘Messaggio d’amore,’ the winning song of the ‘Sanremo Festival 2002,’ it’s my way of remembering with gratitude and affection the journey shared with the group.”


• Show starts at 9:15 PM
• Duration of the show is approximately 2 hours


+39 335 7764119




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Friday, July 28, 2023


Pieve Santo Stefano
Piazza Plinio Pellegrini