Saracino in film, an event in the event

31.07.2021 11:00 - 01.08.2021 17:30

The MUMEC, Media Museum, organized the opening of "Saracino in film", the exhibition parallel to the main exhibition "90 years in contention", exhibited every Saturday in August and 3 4 September together with the weekend of Antiques Fair, the initiative of the Municipality of Arezzo to celebrate the important milestone of the Saracen event.

The Saracen Joust, which has its roots in the Middle Ages and is also mentioned in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, is a challenge between the knights of the four quarters of the city of Arezzo: Porta del Foro with the colors yellow and crimson; Porta Santo Spirito, with the colors yellow and blue; Porta Sant’Andrea with the colors white and green and Porta Crucifera with the colors red and green.
The Knights harness a wooden spear with which they must hit a puppet that in the left arm holds a board on which to hit the highest score. It is the puppet King of the Indies, the enemy to be defeated, in order to beat the opponents and win the most coveted prize: the Golden Lance.

But the most beautiful party is not only in Piazza Grande but in all the streets of the historical center and in the squares of Arezzo that come alive with sounds and colors thanks to the historical procession with medieval costumes, the ladies, the knights, the soldiers, the flag-wavers and the musicians that with trumpets and drums give the rhythm of the party to the city.

The Joust of the Saracen is the feast of the people that every Aretine waits for all the year, it is a tradition that is handed down in the centuries, it is the love and the belonging to the own District, to the own colors.

Saturday, July 31 at the MUMEC, in Via Ricasoli in Arezzo, will be screened the docu-film of director Guido Giani in black and white, silent, in 16mm. A show that brings back to the beginnings of the Arezzo event par excellence.
The first projection is scheduled for Saturday at 11.00 am. Subsequently Saturday at 12.00 / 17.30 and Sunday 9.30 / 17.30.

The screening will then continue every Saturday in August and the weekend of Fiera Antiquaria on 3 4 September 2021.


Continuous screening of the film in the museum halls (viewing included with Museum entrance fee 3 € / 2 €).
Reservation is required tel. 0575 377662 – +39 349 8932046 –
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Saracino in film, an event in the event

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