Sansepolcro Food and Street, the taste world tour

27.05.2022 10:00 - 29.05.2022 00:00

The world tour of taste in Sansepolcro! From May 27 to 29 in Diaz Avenue the three days of flavors from the world with streetfood, regional specialties and local excellence.

The serpentine of taste will rise on Viale Diaz in front of the entrance to the historic center, Porta Fiorentina area. A kilometer of flavors that will enliven the weekend of the Borgo.
Thirty operators will be present among international flavors and regional specialties that will offer gourmet dishes, street food and the best of new culinary trends on the road: from Spanish paella to Belgian beer, from Argentine asado to Dutch mini-crepes. A riot of taste and color that will enliven the historic center of Sansepolcro. Plus Italian specialties: from fritti to lampredotto, from chianina burgers to orecchiette and panzerotti from Puglia.

Space will also be given to characteristic bee cars with gourmet and refined dishes from the tradition of two- and four-wheeled vans. They will be located in the areas of the large boulevard of the Borgo and will offer special dishes.

Great space will also be given to the typical products of the Valtiberina with an area entirely dedicated to the catering of the area. Dishes and specialties typical of Sansepolcro can be tasted, with the presence of the area’s catering businesses. From the skewer of liver cooked in grease, to torcolo, to typical sweets of the area.

Space also for fun for the little ones with the kindergarden area with inflatables and quad track where children can play and spend the weekend from noon to 10 p.m.

Info:  – Tel. +39 331 646 6780


Sansepolcro Food and Street, the taste world tour

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