Poti a Piedi 2021, to the rhythm of our steps

18.07.2021 08:30 - 17:00

Second edition for Poti a Piedi, the walk to get to know and rediscover the Alpe di Poti, the mountain close to the city of Arezzo. In the past Poti was a summer holiday destination, then abandoned, but remained in the heart of all the Aretini. The goal of the walk is to make Alpe di Poti known as a destination for excursions, recreation, trekking and relaxation.

The ring route, has a length of about 16 km, easy and suggestive that retraces the Matteagi path of the Cai of Arezzo, starting from Villa Severi and arriving in Poti where a refreshment point will be set up on offer managed by the Calcit volunteers Arezzo. The walk, open to all, can be done independently or accompanied by an Environmental Hiking Guide who will help you discover the naturalistic aspects of the route. Organized in collaboration with the association “On the loose” and with Calcit, it aims to rediscover the Alpe di Poti and propose it as a destination for excursions, entertainment, trekking and relaxation. € 10 and requires online registration.

To the first 100 participants, a free t-shirt Free bottles of water for everyone. Program: Meeting at Villa Severi Park (Ar) at 8:00 am Departure of Villa Severi Park (Ar) at 8:30 am Departure from Poti on foot with the group at 3:00 pm, for those who want to walk independently . Offered lunch in the Poti meadows in front of the old hotel, organized by the volunteers of the CALCIT of Arezzo. Return to Arezzo in the day.

A group will be made for all people who want to be accompanied by an Environmental Hiking Guide. For those who prefer to go at their own pace, they will find special signs that will indicate the path. Obligatory, masks, disinfectant gel, keep the physical distance of 2 meters, it is strictly forbidden to exchange any object except between the same family unit. Trekking or trail shoes, clothing suitable for the season, at least one liter of water and energy bars are mandatory, we also recommend the use of trekking poles, hat and sunglasses.

For more information potiapiedi@gmail.com Tel. 328.6216604

Poti a Piedi 2021, to the rhythm of our steps

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