On horseback dreaming of the joust

19.09.2021 16:00 - 18:00

An experience to play for a couple of hours as a jouster and enter the magical atmosphere of the Saracino Joust in Arezzo.

Participants will receive some information about the event and the districts. Then everyone on horseback! Each one choosing the colors of the District he likes the most. Competitors will be provided with a lance (smaller than those of the Saracino) and each will have to hit the board of Buratto trying to get the highest score. To drive the horse you can rely on the help of a riding instructor, but the rest will have to be done by the competitor, relying on his aim and his cold blood. 

An experience to do in a group with friends or family challenging each other in an equestrian tournament that has its roots in the Middle Ages. 

And in the end, may the best win…

On horseback dreaming of the joust

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