Nature through the 5 senses

26.06.2022 18:00 - 20:00

Touch, feel, breathe nature.

Dancing in nature and feeling it with all our senses can awaken emotions and stimulate forgotten or little-used perceptions.

On Sunday 26th, the first meeting of a 5-day biocentric movement path with the 5 senses will be held. In the natural setting of the Monti Rognosi and the Sovara Valley, a place where we can lose ourselves and establish an emotional and sensory dialogue with nature.

Conducted by: Stefania Chiodi and Katia Chierchini

Activities for adults

Possibility to visit the Visitor Centre at the end of the event.

Cost: 15€

info: Loc. La Fabbrica, Ponte alla Piera 67, Anghiari (AR)
Tel. +39 351 5997100

Nature through the 5 senses

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