Naturalmente Pianoforte Festival

27.07.2022 00:00 - 00:00

Immersed in music and in nature. The “Naturalmente Pianoforte” festival returns every year from July 20th-24th and 27th in Casentino and transforms the valley into one big open-air concert.

This folk festival is great for anyone who loves the mountains, relaxing atmospheres, culture and, of course, the arts. You’ll feel like you’re immersed in a wonderful bubble of music that spreads all around and embraces the streets and the people of all ages in an unforgettable experience. Energy and enthusiasm contagiously fill the air, just like a good mood.

The “Naturalmente Pianoforte” is an annual event where great national and international artists feel at home and share the piano with younger students. 

Concerts take place at dawn or under the moonlight in the heart of the Casentino National Forest Park and in the nearby town squares. Time and space are also left for street music performances and street art. Tasto89, the young founder of “Naturalmente Pianoforte” invites kids every year to come out and show off their creativity with jam sessions, live performances and DJ sets.

Naturalmente Pianoforte Festival

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