The Legend Of Mea from Bibbiena

13.02.2021 - 16.02.2021

Learn about the legend with the re-enactment of the fight for love that, centuries ago, touched the heart of an entire town. Every summer on August 4th and 5th, the town of Bibbiena in the Casentino area is transformed and relives one of its most folkloric historical stories.

According to the Legend, Bibbiena was split into two opposing districts in the 14th century. On one side was the Piazzolini district of the lords, and the other district was that of the Fondaccini, the district of the common townspeople. There was a beautiful and young washerwoman named Mea who was from the Fondaccini district. She was betrothed to Cecco, a weaver from the same district. One day, while Mea was returning from the river with the clothes that she had washed, she saw a handsome man named Tarlati, the son of Count Piero. For Mea and Tarlati, it was love at first sight and the beautiful Mea went to live in Piazzolini district.

Cecco, the weaver, became furious and thus began a feud between the two districts. The old, wise Count Piero decided to put an end to the fighting and gathered the two districts for a meeting in the Great Square of Bibbiena. He ordered Mea to come back to the Piazzolini quarter and marry Cecco, the man to whom she was betrothed.

This brought peace back to the town and to celebrate the event the “Pomo of Peace,“ a large apple tree symbolizing peace, was lit on fire and accompanied with songs and dances of joy.

Today, the Legend of Mea is celebrated every year and brings the town of Bibbiena back to the medieval life of 1337. For two days, the old town comes to life with the artisans’ markets and displays in their open workshops.

This is not only an exhibition of ancient Tuscan crafts, but many private historic buildings also open their doors to the public for free, guided tours. The event is full of musicians, flag-throwers, jugglers, fire-eaters, dames and falconers and the grand finale is the bonfire of the “Bel Pomo” or beautiful apple tree. 

Two days of events that take you back in time and let you experience the feuds and passions that were all part of the Middle Ages in Tuscany.

The Legend Of Mea from Bibbiena

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