Materials in Scene, at the Municipal Theater of Cavriglia

17.12.2022 21:30 - 23:30

At the Theatre of Cavriglia the new edition of "Materiali in Scena" (Materials on Stage) arrives, an event promoted by the Municipality and organized and directed by Materiali Sonori. A project that aims to propose a space for experimentation, multimedia and innovative, where the stage is transformed into a place where stories and memories of a world in constant transformation are told.

Friday, Oct. 21

Scheduled is “Ti racconto una storia” with playwright Stefano Massini, accompanied by harp music by Stefano Corsi. Massini, author of many plays and stage productions, is the most widely performed Italian talent in the world, translated into as many as 30 languages and a recent winner of the coveted Tony Award in New York. Beginning at 9:30 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 19

Paolo Cioni
The Successful Son

“The Successful Son” is the story of a man who goes to renew his identity card at the City Hall and comes out transformed, like the heroes of myths.
But here we are in Pisa… So we can say that it is above all the sweet and somewhat ruthless tale of an ordinary son experiencing his personal existential catharsis within his own family. On stage flow, in the words and in the body of the protagonist who goes through them,
the most significant episodes of ordinary, and commonly lived lives at the mercy of events.
But the play is also an attempt to answer an almost anthropological curiosity: when the specter of the disease with the most angular and evocative name of misfortune of our times, Alzheimer’s, creeps into a family, what happens in those who are overwhelmed by it?
In our case, every point of reference seems to dissolve and each person deploys his or her own personal survival strategies, the reality that was so familiar warps taking a surreal and grotesque turn,
in which the protagonist moves around awkwardly trying to find a balance.

Wednesday, Dec. 7

Chiara Cappelli
I will remain a Witness – Story of a Handmaid, Penelope and Power
with Flavio Ferri (synth, guitar, bass, theremin).
Arlo Bigazzi (electric bass, devices)
text by Arlo Bigazzi and Chiara Cappelli
light design by Pierfrancesco Bigazzi
direction by Arlo Bigazzi

Saturday, December 10

Words Before Darkness Comes
a vigil in search of poetry, inspired by the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini
with Massimo Currò, Elisa Fini, Claudio Fuccini, Daniele Gonnelli, Alessandro Grassi, Chiara Melani,
Irina Mirzoeva, Simone Pasquini, Andrea Roselletti, Lucia Romoli, Simonetta Testi
music performed live: Silvio Trotta & Ettore Donzellini
dramaturgy and direction: Barbara Petrucci, Piero Cherici
Diesis Teatrango: Permanent Laboratory Of Social Theater

Saturday, December 17

Monia Baldini
Be My Guest
written, directed and performed by Monia Baldini
artistic supervision by Giovanni Fusetti
produced by KanterStrasse & Giuseppina Di Gesaro

All performances will start at 9:30 p.m. Tickets cost €10.00 and can be purchased here
For more details and information +39 055 9669733 –

Materials in Scene, at the Municipal Theater of Cavriglia

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