Mario Cassi and Friends for Arezzo

04.08.2020 21:00 - 00:00

Music gives you a reason to discover places full of charm, history and magic.


A generous initiative that will feature the baritone Mario Cassi and his friends in a special benefit concert for fellow citizens of Arezzo who are in difficulty as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. 

The sopranos Sumi Jo and Laura Cherici, the tenor Celso Albeol, the mezzo-soprano Ekaterina Gubanova, the baritone Ambrogio Maestri are some of the performers. There are also up-and-coming artists, already well-known on the international scene such as Anastasia Bartoli, Noemi Umani and Gaia Matteini. All of these talented performers will give life to a surprise program full of the most beautiful arias, duets and trios from opera and international opera tradition. 


The concert will start at 9pm.

Mario Cassi and Friends for Arezzo

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