Leonardo’s gaze, between history and nature in Ponte a Buriano

15.05.2022 09:00 - 16:30

In search of Leonardo's brilliant gaze on the ancient bridge in Buriano that dominates the Arno, the father river of Etruria, crossing it and which acts as a majestic gateway to that treasure trove of biodiversity that is the Ponte Buriano and Penna Nature Reserve.

A leap into history and nature walking along the banks of the Arno and on the hills where the castles that dominated and controlled this evocative stretch of this fundamental waterway that gave life to the beautiful land of Etruria and where Leonardo one of his most brilliant and famous sons found inspiration for the background of his most famous painting. Walking together we will not only discover the fascinating history of these places but also the splendid nature and the precious biodiversity enclosed in the Regional Nature Reserve of Ponte Buriano and Penna.

Starting point: Ponte Buriano Natural Reserve, Arezzo (vedi link su maps).

Meeting point: Ponte Buriano Natural Reserve, Arezzo.

Costo: € 5.

Points of interest: Riserva naturale Regionale, Ponte medievale di Buriano, Castello di Quarata, Monte sopra Rondine, fiume Arno

Difficulty: E = Escursionistico

Duration: 6h

Length: 15 km D+ 250 mt

Included: Guide (Enrico Mencherini)

Not included: Lunch, transfert

Suggested age: 12+.

Advice: it is recommended to bring an adequate supply of water (at least 1 liter) and possibly something to eat for the small intermediate stops.Dress clothing suitable for the season and weather conditions: rain cape (gore-tex is better), waterproof trekking shoes with sculpted sole.

Leonardo’s gaze, between history and nature in Ponte a Buriano

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