The theatrical season at the Verdi of Monte San Savino

19.05.2022 21:15 - 23:30

The theater season at the Verdi Theater of Monte San Savino 2021\2022 is preparing to welcome new shows starting with the first one on October 8, and then continuing until May 19, 2022 with many appointments.


– October 8th, 9.15 pm
“La grazia del volgare” Dante Alighieri through the music and literature of his time.
Performance with Amanda Sandrelli and Anonima Frottolisti.
A “concert narrated” through the writings of Dante Alighieri and his contemporaries: melodies and ancient lyrics, a journey through the “best blacksmith of the maternal speech”.

– November 3 at 21.15
“Cosa Nostra explained to children” with Ottavia Piccolo and the Soliti dell’Orchestra Multietnica of Arezzo.
A theatrical show that tries to explain Cosa Nostra to children.
An actress, an ensemble of voices, the stage: the story of a woman, of a city, of a year.

– November 24 at 21.30
“The road that goes to the city” with Valentina Cervi. Delia is a country girl who chooses to contract a marriage of interest because she is fascinated by the prospect of moving to the city, but realizes that true love is elsewhere. Valentina Cervi describes the loneliness of a fragile existence, showing the long and arduous journey that sees Delia become a woman and a mother, in constant search of social redemption.

– December 1 at 21.15
“Sleeping Beauty. Work Bitch!” a dance performance that is a political manifesto against the sterile criticism of the new generations.
Dancers: Eleonora Greco, Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello, Leopoldo Guadagno, Francesco Russo, Roberta Zavino.
Admission is free.

– December 16 at 21.15
“Seventy times seven” with Federico Cianciaruso, Riccardo Finocchio, Martina Giovanetti, Andrea Mammarella, Emanuele Pilonero, Clara Sancricca.
Seventy times seven recounts the lives of two families whose destinies intersect in one evening. It tells of the remorse that consumes, of the rage that devours, of the pain that leaves one standing still, of the time that seems to pass in vain. It deals with the theme of forgiveness and its possibility in human relationships.

– January 13 at 21.15
“Angels on the ground” by and with Alberto Salvi, Francesco Cortoni and Andrea Kaemmerle.
According to Jewish tradition, before creating this world, God had shaped others, but he was not happy with the result and destroyed them. The show, starting from the study of ancient sources, recreates a bizarre and bewitching “celestial” space, resulting in a modern fairy tale for adults.

– February 11 at 21.15
“In art Son Quixote” with Luisa Bosi, Elena Ferri. A play about the exploits of Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes.

– March 3 at 21.15
“Sergio. A tiny fragment of any life” by and with Francesca Sarteanesi.
A monologue with some small impurities tending to opaque. It is a single voice in an empty scene, an intimate and affective dialogue with the interiority.

– March 17 at 21.15
“The last game – the story of Lou Gehrig” by and with Mario Mascitelli.
Son of two German immigrants, Lou Gehrig was one of the strongest American baseball players, who set many records in his career, including playing for 2130 consecutive games. His name is not remembered for what he accomplished on the field, but rather for the fact that he had to retire due to the onset of an illness, ALS, which was renamed after that event Lou Gehrig’s disease.

– April 6 at 21.15
“A hilarious show that absolutely does not end with a suicide”. by Nicola Borghesi and Lodo Guenzi in collaboration with Daniele Parisi and Gioia Salvatori.
It is an attempt at staging that is lost in a true story. It is a wrong show, from the beginning. Out of passion perhaps, to learn to look at ourselves and recognize ourselves as human beings? Certainly to listen to a story.

– May 14 at 21.15
“Blue thunder” with Marco Cavalcoli, Mauro Lamanna, Gianmarco Saurino.
Padraic Walsh’s highly engaging play places a magnifying glass on a shattered middle-class Irish family. Funny and heartbreaking in alternating stages, Blue Thunder examines the concepts of manhood, mental health, and what happens when life doesn’t go according to plan.

– May 19, 9:15 p.m.
“Shakespearean Prelude”, text and direction Massimiliano Caldaro
with Ciro Rossi, Mario Pinetti, Isabella Acciai, Loretta Cacchiani, Lorella Gualdani, Michele Paoli, Giovanni Morettini, Daphne Caldaro.
An idea of staging in which acting, singing, dancing and circus choreography reveal the human dimension of the Bard through its characters.
Admission €10,00 – reduced €8,00.


Admission: full price €15,00 – reduced €13,00 – special student discount €8,00 – reduced under 35 future ticket €8,00
Reductions are applied to: over 65 years, subscribers theaters Aretina Theatre Network, Wandering Spectators, holders of the “Charter of the viewer FTS”.
For more information call Officine della Cultura tel. +39 338 8431111
To purchase tickets or at the box office of the Theatre about an hour before the show.

The theatrical season at the Verdi of Monte San Savino

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