Kilowatt Festival

20.07.2020 - 26.07.2020

This international festival is set in the heart of Tuscany’s Valtiberina area and gives energy to the contemporary arts scene. Color and movement mix together and give life to new art forms.

The Kilowatt Festival is all about bringing theater to the common man in order to transform it into something of their own. This festival invades Sansepolcro and it offers something for everyone. It’s put on by the “Visionary Spectators” company which chooses the shows, puts up poster bills and for 10 days at the end of July, gives life to an event that broadens more and more horizons every year. 

During the festival, there are not only theatrical productions, but also experimental music performances, contemporary literature seminars and visual arts exhibits. Many new productions that seek to mix up the forms of artistic expression, school of thought and styles with creative seminars, theatrical performances and documentaries. 

It’s the perfect festival for creative thinkers and dreamers who love to discover the world from a new point of view and to think outside of the box. Get ready for the wonderful things you’ll see at this festival.

Kilowatt Festival

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