05.08.2022 21:00 - 23:00

The 2022 summer tour (one last summer tour before a break) will start experience the theatre tour to expand the Herd's sound by also exploring different repertoires and songs

The IRA theatre tour, during which IOSONOUNCANE performed the entire 17 tracks that make up the latest album, together with the musicians with whom he recorded it, ended on 23 April. All dates were sold out. More than 7000 spectators were able to listen to IRA live again and see how at the centre of the show were all seven musicians and the work itself, for a collective effort, repaid, every single evening, by thunderous applause. On stage, the percussive power of Maria Giulia Degli Amori and Simone Cavina, the electronics, keyboards and synthesisers entrusted to Amedeo Perri, Francesco Bolognini, Simona Norato and Serena Locci, all led by IOSONOUNCANE, who, in addition to the electronics, once again harnessed the electric guitar.

At the point of sale in via vasari 13 (Infopoint under Le Logge) it is possible to purchase a discounted ticket reserved for coop members.
The online fee is €2.5.


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