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Intellettuali in battaglia

Fame and Oblivion by Federigo Nomi and Girolamo Magi, from the Battle of Anghiari to the Siege of Famagosta


A new exhibition by Terre degli Uffizi arrives at the Museum of the Battle and of Anghiari with the aim of recounting the feats and works of Federigo Nomi and Girolamo Magi, scholars who lived in the 16th and 17th centuries and were native to this town. For a period of four months, from May 27th to September 17th, the village will host precious handwritten and printed works from important cultural institutions, as well as paintings from the renowned Florentine museum. It will be a true itinerary that will lead visitors through the courts of the Medici and Venice, places where Nomi and Magi lived and worked. “Intellectuals in battle, fame and oblivion of two scholars from the Battle of Anghiari to the Siege of Famagosta” is the title of the exhibition curated by the museum director, Gabriele Mazzi, and is the result of recent research conducted by Pietro Giabbanelli, which has allowed for a deeper understanding of the life and works of Girolamo Magi.
On display among the loans from the Uffizi Gallery are “Fame and Oblivion” by Nicolas Tournier, “The Woman and the Soldier” by Gerard Ter Borch, and several portraits of the exhibition’s protagonists, such as Francesco Redi, Selim II, and Pietro Aretino. Among the works on display are some of Magi’s most significant printed volumes from the City Library of Arezzo, Federigo Nomi’s Portrait from the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions of the Upper Tiber Valley in Palazzo Taglieschi (Regional Directorate of Museums of Tuscany), a rare edition of Paolo Giovio’s “Elogia” from the library of the Nuova Fondazione Pedretti, and thanks to the collaboration with the Municipal Library of the Intronati in Siena, a comparison between Dürer’s work and Girolamo Magi’s studies will be possible. Furthermore, some models of machines invented by Girolamo Magi have been created, allowing visitors to directly experience the technological inventions he made in the 16th century during the exhibition.





From May 27th to September 17th, 2023


Museo dell Battaglia e di Anghiari
Piazza Mameli, 1-2