The producers of our Valtiberina and of the whole province of Arezzo, showcase their various products, natural, fresh and genuine every third Saturday of the month in Piazza Torre di Berta in Sansepolcro.

Visitors can taste and buy fresh cheeses, cured, raw milk, sheep and cow, goat raw milk, cottage cheese and organic raveggiolo, and also the salami seasoned with natural method and other typical sausages. Do not miss the bread and bakery processing craft, you can find fresh seasonal vegetables and legumes traditional discovered thanks to the patient work of passionate farmers. And then the flour, extra virgin cold-pressed and the wine of our slopes, the sweet honey and jams, compotes kind of berries and wild. They can’t miss the joys of undergrowth, mushrooms and truffles, as well as chestnuts, flour and pulses. So short chain and quality products that represent a market cost, quality and the right price.

Il Mercatale

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